Treating depression, anxiety, & ptsd

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy


Ketamine infusions work rapidly, typically within a few hours,  and can treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, & suicidal ideation without the side effects of traditional anti-depressant medications.

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Ketamine therapy has been shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety in patients being treated for depression.

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Ketamine can relieve symptoms of PTSD by decreasing the stress response and rebuilding neuronal pathways in the brain.  

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Our Mission Statement

MKW Institute is a locally owned and operated facility. The path of our establishment was created out of pure intent to offer hope for families and patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  We are vested in services that streamline the mental health assessment and treatment process. Our experienced multidisciplinary team will put your needs first, providing and delivering exceptional individualized care from assessment, through and beyond infusion therapy, in a safe and comfortable environment.  


Experience & Professionalism

Our staff offers a service that is backed by over 40 years of combined experience in mental health and anesthesia services.  Our team will complete a full health assessment and create a comprehensive  ketamine infusion plan that's right for you.  Our goal is to provide a service that will yield relief from the effects suffered as the result of detrimental and exhaustive conditions such as major depressive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as acting as a supportive adjunct to your current mental health treatment.  We strive to assist every person that seeks alternative treatment, to  achieve a higher sense of well being.  


Providers Who Care

Not only will our providers discuss your existing concerns, but we will also work to educate you on the benefits of ketamine in relation to mental health. Responses to treatment will be evaluated and based on your unique needs, with adjustments being made accordingly.   With every patient encounter, we bring compassion and understanding.  Our success is measured  not by the number of patients we treat, but through every individual story and the impact that ketamine has had upon their daily lives.     

Patient & family testimonials

"I am very happy we chose to work with your clinic.  I think both Paul and Christy are incredibly kind individuals who are honest and extremely helpful. " 

 - DM - Parent

"Before ketamine my thoughts were dark and filled with self harm.   After ketamine it felt like someone turned on the lights.  It's like you're  still living in the same house, but the furniture has been rearranged.  Ketamine is a tool that allows me to reset and have better control over my thoughts. " 

- DM - Patient

"Depression is like being in a deep dark hole with no way out and ketamine is a rope that's been dropped into the hole and offers you the chance to pull yourself out of the darkness."

-  MH -   Patient

"My husband feels better than he has in many months.  We can't think of any other possible reason for this change other than ketamine.  I truly believe you saved his life when we came to you and I am eternally grateful."

- SC - Spouse  

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Largest Ketamine Study Ever Finds it Fights Depression

May 28, 2017

By Noah Heller

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We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.